JB68 Large Wheeled Extinguisher/Foam Trolley Cabinet

21st August 2018

Too often large extinguisher or foam trolleys are protected by a material cover not only gets covered in guano but eventually succumbs to battering of the elements and rips. The trolley then quickly deteriorates ultimately rendering it unserviceable.

The JB68 cabinet has a flat reinforced base with a sloped edge to make it possible to push heavy foam trolleys in and out. The sloped edge also helps to keep the water running around the door aperture out of the cabinet. There are two doors rather than one large door to make access in tight spaces easier and to avoid the risk of a heavy single door being caught by the wind. These are secured with a 316 Stainless steel 3 way locking system. The body of the cabinet has an unusual roof and side profile which is designed to both limit the cabinet roof height but to also give the cabinet much greater rigidity. Apart from the base the cabinet is manufactured from 6mm thick GRP using gelcoat with UV inhibitors to resist fading.

These cabinets can be manufactured with flame retardant resins as an optional extra. For very cold locations we can also insulate and heat the cabinets for both safe and hazardous zones.

The JB68 is available to order now and please contact our sales team at info@jobird.co.uk for a quote or if you have any questions about this cabinet.

JB68 Large Wheeled Extinguisher Trolley Cabinet