Overhead lifejacket chests for Royal Caribbean cruises

26th November 2018

During a relaxing cruise customers like to experience an uninterrupted view of the sea or the exotic location they are visiting. Plenty of room to enjoy the extensive deck space without having to walk around obstacles such as lifejacket chests is also desirable . Why spoil the experience by reminding them of the possible need, however unlikely, to don a lifejacket in an emergency?

For this reason, Jo bird and company were asked to develop an overhead lifejacket locker which could be attached to the underside of the deck above the main promenade deck. In so doing the customers don't see the cabinet as it is behind them and above their heads. If there was an emergency or during a drill, a member of the crew can pull the release handle which causes the large hinged door to open. The lifejackets then drop onto the deck where the crew can issue them to the waiting passengers.

The door has large rubber pads to cushion it against the bulkhead. In the front face of the chest there are two doors secured with 316 stainless steel hinges and catches. These are there for the initial loading of the lifejackets or for reloading after a drill. The chest is made using Lloyds approved UV stabilised composites and all the metal components are manufactured in 316 stainless steel for superb corrosion resistance.

Jo Bird and company have the experience and expertise to manufacture bespoke cabinets such as these.

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