Bespoke Roller shutter cabinets for Stena Don

1st April 2019

Sometimes there just isn't enough room for a conventional storage solution. Stena drilling needed to store immersion suits at the muster stations on their semi-submersible Harsh environment drilling rig Stena Don. The problem was where to put these cabinets with so little room at the muster station under the lifeboats. The engineering team approached Jo Bird and company to come up with a solution.

Jo Bird manufactured two roller shutter cabinets with sloping backs to roughly follow the contours of the staircase. The cabinets are of a similar width too so they could be positioned underneath without eating into the deck space where there was available headroom for people to stand.The extreme roller shutter doors mean there is no concerrns about large cabinet doors being caught by the wind as they simply retract into the roof of the cabinet. The cabinets also have an excellent IP rating of 56 to help maintain the suits in perfect condition.

Photo kindly provided by Stena