New SOS300 Fire hose cabinet for the commercial marine sector

14th May 2019









SOS300 was developed as a result of feedback from one of the world's largest shipping lines who were not satisfied with the quality of fibreglass hose boxes fitted to their vessels. 

It has taken a couple of years to create this brand new design which has undergone extensive testing to ensure it not only protects the contents effectively but will provide many years of trouble free service.

This is achieved through the use of the best materials for each aspect of the design. The only metal components are 316 stainless steel and all the other components will not corrode or break down under intense UV radiation.
Great care has been taken to ensure the hose and nozzle can be accessed quickly in an emergency so there is only one large door handle to open. The small form factor, shallow depth and left or right hinged door means it can be located in tight machinery spaces.

The SOS300 is manufactured in the UK in single or pallet quantities from the end of May 2019.