SOS300 Fire hose cabinet launched at Seawork 2019

12th June 2019

SOS300 is being launched in the innovations area at Seawork in Southampton (11-13th of June).

Why it is innovative
The SOS300 is unusual in being injection moulded. It has been developed over a two year period using CAD with finite element analysis to create a thoroughly robust design with a very high quality finish with none of the inherent weaknesses seen in other fire hose cabinets in this sector.

Elements have been adopted from our Firebird offshore cabinets such as the excellent EPDM door seals and the large rotary door catch to ensure effective protection, resistance to corrosion and speed of access.

The benefits of injection moulding being the superb finish, short production time and relatively low cost.

First stock of the SOS300 are due to be delivered towards the end of June 2019.