JB17.950 Drying cabinet for the Petrochemical Corporation of Singapore

2nd August 2019


Jo Bird have just completed a customised JB17.950 cabinet with the superb quality Pronomar stainless steel drying system. It  is being supplied to the Petrochemical corporation by Riveria Marketing in Singapore.

The cabinet is fitted out with a series of hangers for both suits and boots along with a hot air blower and a timer control unit. Workers at the site will be able to remove wet clothing, hang it in the cabinet and set the timer to thoroughly and very hygenically dry the clothing. The system works by blowing hot air through stainless steel tubes fitted with small holes for the air to escape. This way every part of the clothing is dried and the clothes are not damaged. These tried and tested systems have been in use world wide for a number of years and have proved to be highly durable. Other options in terms of hangers for gloves and trousers or jackets can be selected. Please ask our sales team for futher details.