Brexit Statement

6th November 2019



BREXIT STATEMENT (November 2019)


As things stand the UK will cease to be part of the EU by 31st January 2020 subject to the UK Parliment’s decisions. The delay since the original date of 29th March 2019 has allowed for more preparation for a no-deal Brexit scenario to planned for and potential disruption to trade reduced. A no-deal Brexit however looks to be extremely unlikely, but we are prepared just in case.


Jo Bird & Co Ltd are an experienced exporter both inside and outside of the EU.  


Our principal products use tariff code: 3926909790 which as a Third party country would attract an import tariff of up to 6.5% (World Trade Organisation default tariffs) into the EU if the UK is outside of the EU customs union.


Import tariffs will not apply during any potential transition period.


Jo Bird & Co Ltd are working closely with our supply chain and logistics to minimise the impact on our customers following Brexit.


To reduce the risk interruption of manufacturing due to issues with our supply chain, we have increased stock of finished goods and raw materials, as well as ensuring that our supply chain has enough UK inventory to re-supply us rapidly.


To stabilise prices with have pre-ordered raw materials at a fixed cost, as well future contracts for foreign exchange.


We will continue to monitor the situation and review it in light of political developments.


We will take every step possible to minimise any potential delays or additional costs to our customers within the EU.


We will to continue to give all our customers the excellent quality of cabinets and service that is rightly expected of us.


Guy Atkins


Managing Director


Jo Bird & Co Ltd