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21st August 2018
JB68 Large Wheeled Extinguisher/Foam Trolley Cabinet

Too often large extinguisher or foam trolleys are protected by a material cover not only gets covered in guano but eventually succumbs to battering of the elements and rips. The trolley then quickly deteriorates ultimately rendering it unserviceable.

The JB68 cabinet has a flat reinforced base with a sloped edge to make it possible to push heavy foam trolleys in and out. The sloped edge also helps to keep the water running around the door aperture out of the cabinet. There are two doors rather than one large door to make access in tight spaces easier and to avoid the risk of a heavy single door being caught by the wind. These are secured with a 316 Stainless steel 3 way locking system. The body of the cabinet has an unusual roof and side profile which is designed to both limit the cabinet roof height but to also give the cabinet much greater rigidity. Apart from the base the cabinet is manufactured from 6mm thick GRP using gelcoat with UV inhibitors to resist fading.

These cabinets can be manufactured with flame retardant resins as an optional extra. For very cold locations we can also insulate and heat the cabinets for both safe and hazardous zones.

The JB68 is available to order now and please contact our sales team at for a quote or if you have any questions about this cabinet.

JB68 Large Wheeled Extinguisher Trolley Cabinet

21st April 2018
We've Done it Again!

We are delighted to announce that Jo Bird & Co. Ltd have been awarded the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2018.

As previous winners in the International Trade category, we are overjoyed to have been selected again for this highly esteemed award.

This recognition is testament to our 4 year investment in academic and innovative research projects. The engineering processes of our fire equipment and lifesaving cabinets has been scientifically scrutinised and developed to achieve higher levels of production efficiency and product performance than ever before. Challenges presented by the most inhospitable of operational environments have been intently researched. The findings for which have been designed into our cabinet range ensuring Jo Bird & Co. Ltd remain confidently and at the forefront of our industry's product research and development.

For the full press release please click here.

Jo Bird Queens Award for Enterprise 2018

5th April 2018
Chartered status

Jo Bird & Co Ltd delighted to announce that Andy Parsons (Production Manager) has achieved membership of the Chartered Management Institute. Andy achieved this in remarkably short time, and this is a credit to him and to the difference he has already made at the company in only 9 months. The company encourages all our staff to continually improve their skills and knowledge, and are pleased that Andy has grasped this opportunity.


1st February 2018
Hornsea Project One

Jo Bird & Co. are very proud to have been selected by Orsted as safety equipment cabinet providers to Hornsea Project One, the world's largest offshore wind farm. Based off the UK's east coast, Hornsea Project One will provide power to 1 million UK homes. The project will consist of 3 substations and 174 turbines with commissioning scheduled for 2020. Jo Bird & Co. are to supply JB82 (Fire extinguisher cabinets), JB72 (Lifejacket chests), JB06 (First Aid kit cabinets), and JB22H (Helicrash kit chest)


5th January 2018
Jo Bird Wins Contract to Supply Norwegian Coastguard

Jo Bird & Co. have been selected to supply JB83BA breathing apparatus cabinets to the Norwegian Coastguard. The tender - won by Norway distributor Vestteknikk - continues a long relationship between Jo Bird and the Norwegian Coastguard. Older JB68 units were supplied many years ago and with only door seals replaced are still in use today.

1st November 2017
The Royal Fleet Auxiliary

Construction is underway of 4 new tankers for The Royal Fleet Auxiliary. Once complete the tankers will be shipped to A&P Falmouth where they are to be fitted out with equipment and weapon systems. The pre-existing fire-fighting equipment lockers will be upgraded to purpose built, heavy duty Jo Bird roller shutter cabinets, with each vessel carrying 12 cabinets. Completion of the project expected by June this year. In addition to these roller shutter cabinets, Jo Bird & Co. provide The Royal Fleet Auxiliary with lifejacket chests, fire extinguisher cabinets and damage control cabinets. The latter being made from a mixture of composites, aluminium and stainless steel.

2nd October 2017
New Teak Effect

Jo Bird & Co. are proud to be supplying Italy's leading cruise ship builder, Fincantieri with a range of premium teak effect cabinets. The finish has all the finesse and striking visual appeal of teak but with the added advantage of requiring no maintenance. Unlike its natural counterpart, Jo Bird's teak effect is unaffected by changes in humidity or temperature. The finish is integral to the cabinet structure so unlike lower quality ‘wraps' is highly durable. For more details see:

11th August 2017
Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm Project UK

The Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm Project is an offshore wind farm with a total installed capacity of 588MW. Comprising 84 7MW turbines, the project will be located in the Outer Moray Firth on the north-western point of the Smith Bank, 13.5km from the Caithness coastline. Covering an area of 121.3 sq km, the turbines will be erected on jacket foundations in ocean depths between 35 and 56 metres. Jo Bird were commissioned to supply cabinets for the storage of Lifebuoys, Lifejackets and Fire extinguishers. These have been distributed to the offshore wind farm sub-stations currently under construction in Scotland.

11th August 2017
Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) Malaysia

Located at Pengerang, Johor, in Malaysia, the Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) project is part of the huge Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex (PIPC). For this huge Petronas operated refinery JoBird & Co. supplied cabinets for Fire Extinguishers, Breathing Apparatus and Escape sets.

11th August 2017
Doha Hameed International Aiport, Qatar

Through our Qatari distributor we are supplying 100 x JB82 Fire Extinguisher cabinets for the parking area of Doha's award winning international airport.

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